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October 16, 2014

Festivals Extra: CAKE 2015 Announces For June 6-7

The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, better known by its shortened name CAKE, has announced for the 2015 year through one of these weird e-mais as site page things. They'll be throwing their event on June 6-7. My guess is that general weekend in early June is the date where they hope to settle in for the long-term, or whatever that phrase means in the comics world these days. It was one of the last few shows of note left to announce for the first half of 2015.

CAKE is a well-liked, growing show; I know some out-of-town folks who have been taken by how well it shows off that specific cartooning scene. I hope to make it there myself this year.

They promise the applications process will start October 21, the same day they announce the winner of the Cupcake Award.
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