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May 23, 2017

Festivals Extra: CXC Logo And Special Guest List PR


I hope you won't mind if I spend one post talking about the special guest and logo announcements for CXC 2017. That's the show I serve as Executive Director. A few years ago I probably wouldn't have bothered cringing my way through a self-serving post like this one, but we lack basic-information PR avenues on-line right now to an astonishing degree.

imageAnyway, this year's show special guest list is announced here.

That's Derf Backderf, Peter Bagge, Kyle Baker, Darrin Bell, Howard Cruse, Lilli Carré and Alexander Stewart, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kat Fajardo, Emil Ferris, Ann Marie Fleming, Matt Fraction, Jennifer Holm, Kevin Huizenga, Nilah Magruder, Ann Nocenti, Laura Park, Dav Pilkey, Mimi Pond, Dana Simpson, Chris Sprouse, Leslie Stein, Tillie Walden, Connor Willumsen and Judd Winick.

I'm very happy with this line-up. It's a mix of superstars and superstars-to-be, great books of the moment and great entire libraries of past, formidable work. A significant number of major disciplines/forms of comics have representation. I worked with a programming committee that did a great job building a list according to our ambitions and standards: Jenny Robb, Laurenn McCubbin, Caitlin McGurk, Jared Gardner and Jeff Smith.

People have asked if we're adding more. We don't have plans to do any more searching, but in 2015 and 2016 we did add some folks (Mark Osborne, Lalo Alcaraz) late in the year and after our initial announcements. When that works out -- and it doesn't always, we've turned down some people, too -- it's great because there's a unique energy to added guests. We have yet to lose a special guest post-announcement, but that's bound to happen, too, hopefully for benign reasons.

We will certainly have things to say about the show more generally in a heavy way through August 1 and in a focused way up to the show itself, some of which we hope surprises. Write to join our mailing list.

Graphic designer Sonia Harris and illustrator/writer/comics-maker Katie Skelly (also a great designer, Harris points out) came up with our logo and are hard at work on the poster. I really like it, so I put it up top of this post and I'm going to put it up top of everything I can. Those two are great at what they do, and what they did together I think looks fun. Please hire either or both for your making-stuff needs.

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