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December 9, 2015

Festivals Extra: Linework NW Announces For May 2016


I'm very fond of the Linework NW show put on by Zack Soto and Francois Vigneault. It's a great, intimate neighborhood show where everything kind of sticks around a walkable 8-10 blocks. They even have a little bar right off the exhibition floor. Spring in Portland is lovely, and the audience is a natural one for funnybooks. I see it as a show that might be better off staying small, and thus might serve as a role-model for shows across the country that don't wish to blast past 200 exhibitors or whatever.

All shows are fragile, so I was wondering if this one would come off. I'm glad to see it will, and hope to attend.

With this announcement, I think a full slate has been set through June -- I'd be surprised if anyone announced a show earlier than July 1 that at this point, in other words.
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