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January 22, 2015

Festivals Extra: MoCCA Announces Programming, Publications Particulars

It's a big year for the MoCCA Arts Festival. It's the third year the show has been under it new stewardship supplied by the Society Of Illustrators, which means we're starting to see the show take shape as they'd like to see it move forward. They've previously announced a venue change, from the old Lexington Armory to the Center 548 space over in Chelsea. That was widely seen as both necessary and a return to the show's roots as a potential walk-by + walk-in neighborhood event supplementing those that have it circled on their calendars.

A few more announcements were made yesterday. The first is that the programming won't be in Center 548 but a couple of blocks away in the High Line Hotel, covering two rooms. The programming will once again be executed by Bill Kartalopoulos, the show's programming director, who is the best there is at that kind of thing. The programming will be two days, Saturday and Sunday.

The souvenir journal, a stand-alone purchase last year (I have no memory of how it was done before then, and the ones I attended 10+ years ago didn't have them), will be made available to those paying the price of admission. It looks like a print run of 6000.

The first part of the linked-to article estimates 200 exhibitors, so there's also that. MoCCA Festival is April 12-13, and as both an arts-comics oriented show and as a show in New York City it remains a vital piece of the yearly festival schedule.
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