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January 22, 2015

Festivals Extra: NYCC SE Announced For 2015

I'm glad that Zachary Clemented caught this over at The Beat because I sure didn't. New York Comic Con is going to host another edition of its more comics-focused show NYC: Special Edition, and has announced dates (early June) and a place (not the Javits).

The idea of a bigger convention or festival sponsoring a smaller, more focused show in a way that involves a component of comics they still want to have at the bigger show intrigues me a bit. I imagine there's also some general news there in that a show in New York could draw away from regional shows in May and June due to travel costs and concerns -- if you just need to do a show, you might do the local if there is one. Also, 2016 is freakishly stuffed with events in and around New York, a city that people used to say could never host a major con and for years hosted a single alt-comics event and some dealer-driven shows.
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