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January 18, 2015

Festivals Extra: SPX Announces Registration/Lottery Rules


The Small Press Expo has announced its registration window as February 1 to February 15 this year. They do a lottery for a big chunk of their tables, which comes from their ethos of being a non-juried show. They will make sure you do indy comics of some sort, and they do make sure that some of the heavy-hitters have tables. Like you're not going to see Fantagraphics lose out on a table at SPX because their number didn't come up in the lottery. The rest is up for grabs. A long time ago I thought SPX should move to a curated model, but luckily they didn't -- this way fits their chosen identity much more effectively, and it fulfills a vital role.

As this year's SPX is focusing on cartoonists who started publishing after 2000, this may be the most SPX-iest SPX of them all, so I urge any of you out there on the fence about exhibiting to exhibit. Even if doing shows isn't a significant part of how you approach comics, exhibiting at SPX is a bucket-list item for North American indy comics creators. I'll be there, for sure, not exhibiting, staring at all the young people in wonder and awe.
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