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January 22, 2015

Festivals Extra: Tom Richmond On Two Years Of Con-Going

There's an interesting post up here from Tom Richmond about which cons he'll be doing in 2015 after trying a bunch of different one in 2014. He also mentions a couple of shows he couldn't get into and why.

When I was younger, my comics reading generally operated at full capacity week to week. I bought every comic that I truly desired (Love And Rockets, American Flagg!, for example) and then spent the rest of my money up to my weekly allotment on as much extra stuff as I sort of liked but didn't have as a top priority. This shifted in the early '90s to my depositing that money into a free checking account if I didn't spend it, because over the course of the year my budget was just enough to cover the work I wanted, and that work came out haphazardly.

I couldn't do that now.

Similarly, a lot of people are going to be making decisions about comics festivals and shows and cons over the next couple of years as the calendar is stuffed with them. Some of those decisions will be made for them because two cons (say SPACE and MoCCA) will be on the same weekend, but others will be made simply because of cost. It will be an adjustment, for the people attending and for the shows. The price of such an incredible line-up of show is having to figure out which ones are truly valuable to you and for what reasons.
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