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January 14, 2015

Festivals Extra: Totally Missed That Angouleme Grand Prix Finalists Had Been Winnowed Down


Superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose is among those that put together that this year's Angouleme Grand Prix finalists have been selected. Those finalists are Hermann (Hermann Huppen), Alan Moore and Katsuhiro Otomo. That's an English-language speaker who wouldn't participate (shades of this year's Bill Watterson choice), a long-overdue non-special prize winning manga cartoonist choice, and a more traditional adventure BD master. All three seem to be artists with the kinds of careers where the Grand Prix would seem suitable to their accomplishments -- they pass the potential "what the hell; that's ridiculous" test, surely the most stringent and scientific of all tests.

I would have to think the frontrunner and a lot of folks' hoped-for choice is Otomo, which would make for a potentially fun and maybe sort of palate-cleansing 2016 Angouleme and, like I wrote 25 words ago, by virtue of his being a manga cartoonist is incredibly overdue in the straight-up grand prix award-winner department. I think 35 years past we need to start remembering the '80s hardcore, too, in all the awards programs. Sorry, Bronze Age.

The only thing that grinds at me is I think under the old system, as flawed as it was and as much as it seemed to take years off of the lives of the cartoonists voting under 60, I think we might have had Mattotti by 2018 or so. I'm not sure we ever will now.
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