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July 1, 2019

FFF Results Post #523—Jobbers

On Friday, CR readers were asked to "Name Five Desirable Salaried Jobs From Some Point In Comics History." This is how they responded.


Tom Spurgeon

1. Editor, MAD Magazine.
2. Editor in Chief, Marvel Comics.
3. Superman group editor.
4. Editor, The Comics Journal.
5. DC Comics Librarian.


I guess no one responded? It happens. If it does, according to the rules I arbitrarily established once upon a time I get to take up to five weeks off. If you did respond, better forward that back to me. Something happened to it! Thanks to all that play.

Wait, Jamie Coville sent one in. Thanks, Jamie!


Jamie Coville

1. Inkpot Award Decider/Giver
2. Head of TPB/Collections Department at Marvel or DC.
3. Original Art Returner.
4. DC Comics Librarian
5. Marvel Continuity Cop.

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