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January 26, 2006

FIBD in Angouleme Begins; Small Press Publishers Start Counter-Festival

imageThe Festival International de la Bande Dessinee kicks off today in the town of Angouleme in France. This is Europe's biggest comics festival, and many feel it's the medium's most extravagant showcase in terms of the breadth of the weekend's participants and exhibits, the great stew of so many comics folk from so many different comics cultures on hand in a public setting. I know there are some American cartoonists and comics folk over there right now, like Dave Kellet, Jeffrey Brown and I think Alvin Buenaventura of Buenaventura Press. It's definitely a big-publisher show, though, very much the face of the European mainstream. Marvel's Joe Quesada wrote an interesting travelogue (albeit a very long one) about attending last year. The only gossip out of this year's show is I'm hearing from a few people that construction and infrastructure changes in Angouleme -- the festival is spread throughout the town -- have left some publishers unhappy with their new locations, which may lead some people to being on hand at the show without being in their official designated spot. I'm sure Bart Beaty will tackle this subject in his report at the festival's conclusion if there's anything to it.

Speaking of which: please read Bart Beaty's Angouleme preview, which gives you a rundown of what he's likely to be doing and what's in store for the weekend.

Update: Bart just sent me the following at 1:15 PM ET: "Breaking News: Pirates in Angou! Small Press, led by L'Asso and Cornelius, break with FIBD, start counter-festival. Details to follow!" So I'm guessing some of the rumors had a bigger consequence than what I expected.
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