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September 29, 2007

First Thought Of The Day

The strangest television commercial out there right now is the one where they play weepy music and we witness an extended chain of personal kindnesses people do one another. The upshot I guess is that this is the kind of humane behavior one can expect from the advertiser on a regular basis. The thing that's completely fucked up about this commercial is that they mix actual personal kindnesses, like grabbing someone's suitcase off of the carousel after it's passed them by, with instances of acting not-like-an-inhuman-monster, like warning someone before they walk into traffic to their death. It's like the people who wrote it are such grumpy, inconsiderate assholes they can't figure out enough things to make up a decent chain of small acts.
"What's next, everyone?"

"I'm not sure about this, but I suppose I could be convinced to save someone's life if I were put into a contemplative mood about helping people first."

"Really? Interesting... Okay, we'll go with that."
Also, I can't remember what this commercial is for, despite it playing 10,000 times during my sports shows. That's never a good sign of money well spent.
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