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September 5, 2008

Five For Friday Special—Confessional


Five For Friday Special -- Answer One of the Questions From Each of The Following Five Groups


1. What is your favorite stand-alone publication of the last five years?
2. What is your favorite ongoing serial comic that's published an installment in the last three months?
3. What is your favorite webcomic?
4. What is your favorite ongoing newspaper strip?
5. What is your favorite comics web site that is not a link- or commentary-blog?

Comic Shops
6. What's the best experience you've ever had in a comics shop?
7. What's the worst experience you've ever had in a comics shop?
8. List the names of the comics shops that have been your shop in your lifetime of buying comics.
9. If a comic shop has opened within 50 miles in the last two years, what exactly makes you think it will or won't survive until a fifth anniversary?
10. What is something you've done in a comics shop you're sorry happened?

11. Who is the Greatest Living Cartoonist?
12. Name the female cartoonist highest up in your personal pantheon.
13. Name the cartoonist with a non-white South American or African heritage highest up in your personal pantheon.
14. Who is the world's most under-appreciated cartoonist?
15. Name a cartoonist you know is great but whose work you find hard to enjoy.

16. What was the first comic that you remember buying after the last time you stopped buying comics?
17. What comic do you plan to revisit one day?
18. Name a comic that was even better when you tracked it down than you remember it being the first time.
19. What is the worst comic in your collection that you keep for reasons other than its quality?
20. One word only: what is your primary non-comic association with comics?

21. What one site not your own or a friend's does CR not in your opinion cover near enough?
22. Name a comics figure this site has never interviewed you'd like to see interviewed.
23. Name a comics figure this site has interviewed you'd like to see interviewed again.
24. Name an under- or unreported news story from your perspective.
25. Name a resource this site could house that would be valuable to you.

Bonus Section: Not Comics
1. What is your favorite sandwich?
2. Name three US vice-presidents in the order that they occur to you.
3. Name a movie that shouldn't have been remade and a movie that should be.
4. Otto Graham, Joe Montana or Tom Brady?
5. If you could have any middle name in the world not "Bronislaw," what would it be?


This subject is now closed. Please God, let it be closed.

The results will appear in this space next Friday.

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