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December 17, 2004

Frank Quitely Exclusive to DC for Two Years

imageCelebrated mainstream comic book artist Frank Quitely has signed a two-year exclusive to DC. This gets kicked out of the "quick hits" section because (1) Quitely may be the best going right now, and (2) because this may be interpreted as another sign DC is preparing to recalibrate its line through a event miniseries and a suite of big-title re-launches, like putting Quitely with the even more celebrated mainstream comic book writer Grant Morrison on a Superman book.

That kind of maneuvering becomes publishing news, more because much of the Direct Market will invest its money and time in such works as opposed to fan speculation or approval about the effect this will have on various fantasy worlds. The rumors hold that the impetus of any impending Superman recalibration, or at least its cousin in hype, may be one of those heavily promoted efforts with built-in spin-offs and line alterations like the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths (by which DC eliminated many of the looper sci-fi elements of its 1950s-1970s storylines), this time filtered through the lurid pulp qualities of the recent, icky Identity Crisis series, with its raping, murdering, and forced lobotomy programs.

I know, this stuff makes my head hurt, too. But that's where a good chunk of the comic shop money and leveraged press stories are going in a few months -- this, and the depressing Marvel equivalent. You have been warned.

The variety of art assignments open at DC such as Vertigo characters like those depicted above enticed Frank Quitely, according to his statement in the press release.
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