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June 13, 2006

Franklin Fibbs Becomes Little Fibbs


The strip Franklin Fibbs, a much-liked (by me, anyway) comic strip from King Features about a first-class exaggerator, has apparently become Little Fibbs in an attempt to reposition the feature for better sales. As Jay Kennedy explained to me on Sunday the strip in its former conceptualization may have skewed older than usual in a way that could have harmed sales.

I really like this strip, and I'm kind of at a loss why it hasn't at least become a critical darling. I think the writing may embody the first new approach to that aspect of a strip since Doonesbury and the art is really clear and expressive. I liked the age of the protagonist as originally conceived, but at least the move to a younger lead is explained in a humorous way -- all of those strips were simply the "new" protagonist not exactly telling the truth.
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