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November 24, 2004

Franklin Fibbs Does Press Rounds


This article on newish King Features comic strip Franklin Fibbs is the kind of press "get" typical for the few months preceding and directly after a syndication launch, particularly when there's a local angle to be mined. Although the major roll out several strips in a calendary year, I find Fibbs' press play interesting because it's based on essentially a creative concept ("what we do is unique") rather than a marketing directive ("Soccer coaches: 'Penalty Kicks' is for you!") Also King Features head comics guy Jay Kennedy really loads on the superlatives in the Fibbs features section on the KFS site, where you can also check out the work itself.

I haven't seen too much of the strip, but that Fibbs' anecdotal style obviously allows for a lot of information to be packed into a single day's work, which should make it very different in feel.
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