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March 17, 2009

Fred Hembeck Liked Last Week’s Five For Friday So Much He Did 15 More


I didn't ask Fred to do this, and I'd like to discourage this sort of thing in general. Still, I figure this is the only time in my life I'll ever get to feel like a Shooter-era Marvel editor, so I thought I'd publish it. He's referencing last Friday's "Five For Friday," which asked people to name five TV show episodes and the cartoonist(s) and/or comics people they'd get to adapt it into funnybook form.

15 More Television Show Episodes And The Artists I'd Like To See Adapt Them
By Fred Hembeck

Here's my numbers 6 through 20...

6. The episode of 24 where Edgar Stiles meets his untimely demise thanks to some poison gas, drawn by Steve Ditko (mainly for the Mysterio-like clouds of killer fog that'd climax the scenario).

7. The time a monkey was mistakenly inducted into the army -- Pvt. Harry Speakup -- on Sgt. Bilko, pencilled and inked by Carmine Infantino.

8. Sgt. Carter gets his wires crossed, erroneously believing Gomer Pyle USMC is on his deathbed, not merely suffering from the flu, and takes instructions meant for a dying horse, feeding the private lumps of sugar in his bunk and (funniest scene ever!) brushing his hair while the rest of the platoon watches in stunned silence, drawn by Jack Davis.

9. The pilot for Happy Days (originally broadcast on Love American Style) illustrated by the quintessential fifties teen artist, Dan DeCarlo.

10. The infamous episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumps the shark, drawn by Bill Vigoda (Why? Because he was the guy who always drew my least favorite Archie stories as well -- though maybe I shoulda assigned him to brother Abe's Fish instead...)

11. The Christmas episode of Dragnet about the kid who is accidentally shot dead with the gun he was supposed to get as a gift, drawn by Johnny Craig.

12. The time when there was a buck naked stripper gyrating on the other side of the door when an unsuspecting Soupy Sales answered it, drawn by Bill Ward.

13. The final episode of Dick Van Dyke, an elaborate western parody, drawn by Nick Cardy ala Bat Lash?.

14. The first episode of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In drawn by Sergio Aragones, with Tiny Tim done by Basil Wolverton.

15. The episode of Bob (Newhart) that featured Jack Kirby, drawn by Jack Kirby.

16. The Freaks and Geeks Halloween episode (with Count Floyd!) drawn by Al Wiseman.

17. The debut Batman two-parter, illoed by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin.

18. Crispin Glover almost kicking the host in the face on an '80s-era entry of Late Night With David Letterman, drawn by Spain Rodriquez.

19. The Seinfeld Bizarro episode, drawn by John Forte.

20. The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane videos, as seen on an episode of The Ed Sullivan Show, drawn by Jim Steranko (the rest of that variety hour illoed by Mort Drucker).

...and that should do it for now!!
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