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November 16, 2010

Fred Ray: The Quintessential Gentleman


Chris Mautner wrote a nice article for Harrisburg's Patriot-News about Jerry Robinson selling the cover art to Superman #14. Mautner focuses on the local hook: the art on that cover, one of two Robinson put up for sale, is by Fred Ray. Ray was a central Pennsylvania native and lived in the area both before and after his time in comics -- and probably during, as he actually worked until the early 1960s. I like the piece because it's a reminder that so many artists, art directors and other creative people that weren't people like Gena Rowlands or Martin Landau worked in comics during the flush of its Golden Age, the same way that a lot of musicians and creative people worked for a time in places like Austin or Seattle in more recent decades. Ray's also interesting to me because I thought that he was very effective in capturing elements of Joe Shuster's vigorous art and applying a designer's sense to the covers and pages he did in that approximation of the Superman co-creator's style. If nothing else, you should go look at the giant scan of the cover being sold.
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