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August 21, 2006

Garrity Names MT Lounge Adds

In a month stuffed with on-line comics news and manuevering, Modern Tales Editor Shaenon Garrity has announced additions to the Modern Tales "Strip Lounge" section, the free section attached to the "VIP Room," where the subscriber-only content can be found. They are:

Anywhere but Here, Jason Siebels
Brain Fist, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
Genre City: Plan B, Benjamin Birdie
Irregular Webcomic, David Morgan-Mar
Kings of Pop, Benjamin Birdie
Popcorn Picnic, Chris Shadoian
Spork, Sylvan Migdal
Where Am I Now?, Jon Bakos and Ross Smith
Wondermark, David Malki

The new strips, with offerings on various release schedules, starts today. Garrity took over the Modern Tales editorship from Eric Burns, and acknowledged the additions were largely selected by Burns.
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