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September 3, 2014

Go, Bookmark: Small Press Previews


There's a really good-looking site here called Small Press Previews which just launched. They want to provide publishing-news coverage of small press books coming out and have a bunch of publishers and artists lined up so far.

My first impression is that I like the way it looks, the visual simplicity of it, and I'm impressed by the thoroughness of the individual entries. I'm a little confused by books being listed with a September 2 release date that say they're debuting at SPX. I don't know if there's going to be rolling entries through a month or if that early-in-the-month date covers the entirety of the month. We'll certainlys ee. It also looks like there are t-shirts on there, and I'm not sure where that ends. I'm curious as to how the site works long-term. It looks great, though. I look forward to folding it into the tools I use and I'm grateful this was done.

Press release:

Over 40 Comic Book Publishers Launch New Preview Website

Washington, DC -- 3 September 2014

A new website dedicated to previewing small press comic books, graphic novels, and other cool things has been launched at

Small Press Previews is dedicated to having a single place for fans of small press comic book publishers to view new publications, along with information on how to order the comics direct from the publishers. Each month Small Press Previews will list the comics being released by the publishers, so that the website will serve as a virtual catalog of the month's releases. Over 40 publishers have joined the site, with more joining as they hear about the site. Publishers submit their own material to Small Press Previews so that the site is updated with new releases.

Small Press Previews was started by Jared Smith, who is co-publisher of Retrofit Comics with Box Brown, and is co-owner of Big Planet Comics, a group of comic book stores in and around Washington, DC.

Jared said, "The idea for Small Press Previews came from realizing how many great small press comics are being published today. More and more publishers are releasing comics, but many of them are small print runs, and since most are one-off projects, it's very difficult to even keep track of all of them and when they are released. Plus, with only a few distributors carrying smaller publishers, it's hard to find out where to order these comics. So besides helping publishers and fans, this is a big help for me and other stores as retailers. I hope more and more small publishers join the site."

Small Press Previews allows browsing by release month as well as by individual releases. Small Press Previews is also currently hosted on tumblr, allowing for easy reposting of releases by fans and publishers.

The current list of publishers participating on Small Press Previews are:

2D Cloud
Alternative Comics
Bergen Street Press
Big Planet Comics
Birdcage Bottom Books
Box Brown Comics
Breakdown Press
The Cartoon Picayune
Copra Press
Czap Books
Dirty Diamonds
Floating World Comics
Hang Dai Editions
Hic and Hoc
Iron Circus
Issue Press
Kilgore Books
Koyama Press
kuš! komiksi
Landfill Editions
Locust Moon Press
Mould Map
Negative Pleasure Publications
Neoglyphic Media
Northwest Press
Oily Press
Paper Rocket Comics
Pegacorn Press
Picture This Press
Ray Ray Books
Recoil Comics
Retrofit Comics
Revival House Press
Sacred Prism
Secret Acres
Snakebomb Comix
So What? Press
Sonatina Comics
Space Face Books
Sparkplug Books
The Spithouse
Study Group Comic Books
Tinto Press
Uncivilized Books
Yeah Dude Comics
Yeti Press

Contact information
Small Press Previews
Jared Smith
1520 U St. NW
Washington, DC 20009
Twitter: @SPPreviews
I also wish them luck!

Update: I've been told that the dates relate to the month rather than a date within that month the work is available -- more information should be found in the general entry. So if a general entry says "September 2" that means "September" and it just went up September 2.

Also, there is a Facebook page here. Go. Look. Like.
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