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September 8, 2014

Go, Look: Art Spiegelman On Israel/Palestine In The Nation

imageA pair of CR readers has brought to my attention that Art Spiegelman has done a collage commentary for The Nation on the latest round of Israel/Palestine conflicts. It can be found here. One of the readers noted further that Spiegelman presented it himself via his Facebook presence, which is intriguing for the comments and Spiegelman's truthful admission that he's always been reluctant to comment on Israel's politics. There's some press coverage here, which gives you an idea of the byzantine overlay of cultural triggers involved in an artist of Spiegelman's profile making a statement of this kind. I'm all for artists taking a position on social and political issues and expressing that through art, and hope that it has a greater presence and impact than how such things can be boiled down to a "winnable" argument on-line.
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