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March 25, 2011

Go, Look: Brigid Alverson Peeks at DHC iPad App

imageBrigid Alverson has a post up at Robot 6 worth reading on a sneak peek she received of Dark Horse's forthcoming iPad app. Two things about its development, which sound like it was much more in-house than some of what's going on with other companies. The first is that developing this on their own allows for quirks and offerings unique to this particular product, new options in an era where as many options as can be gathered on the table before things become standardized could be a huge advantage. The other is that it sounds like their desired price point may have been waylaid by the way things are set up from the most popular downloads store, so that's something on which to keep an eye if you weren't already -- a structural disparity between a natural comics price point and what can be offered could be an industry-altering thing.

I don't have a feel for digital comics, although I suspect that there's a bit of extra drama to comics' move in that direction due to the cultural storyline of "saving comics," comics' natural, heartbreaking tendency to seek and embrace exploitation and a definite fracturing in terms of who needs to profit from what element of comics and why. I also think too much intellectual capital is afforded projections of success rather than processing through actual successes and failures. A major company with a different way of doing things seems worth tracking from the start; it may be the only thing worth tracking.
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