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November 13, 2016

Go, Look: Kanat Atkaya On Musa Kart, Canaries

There's a nice, short essay here that leaves several graphs to the task of extolling the virtues of jailed Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart for exactly those things that led to him jailed -- the cartoons he's made about forces that oppose the current Turkish government. The essay argues, convincingly at least to me, that on a fundamental level Kart's job is to make art and cartoons about the reality that he sees, not to cast his political fate with one side or the other for fear of being snuffed out in reprisal or raised up if prescient. With that construction in mind, the language being used to describe the group of journalists of which Kart is a part as barometers of political fortune in the most direct fashion seems more powerful.
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