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May 9, 2016

Go, Look: Mario Miranda’s Regional Legacy


I enjoyed this article by Pamela D'Mello about the state of Goa over in India using the anniversary of the late cartoonist Mario Miranda, gone now almost five years.

For one, it's fun to look at Miranda's cartoons. He did some standard magazine gag-format type things, but the real joy to be had is in the overstuffed drawings of tons of different people, which I take it are the ones that are of most use to tourism officials. The other thing that gets to me is that this is something cartoons did in the US and just don't know: this tie-in of cartoonist and locale. You get a bit of that with some people, but not the way you used to and certainly not the way it's presented here. It's something that comics does very well: snapshot appraisals of very specific permutations in tone and attitude and cultural detail. I hope that maybe it's a thing that cartoonists can do more of in the future, perhaps with the rise of the city as unique cultural center.

check out the full cartoon of the image excerpted at top, and how Miranda uses that black dress to bring the entire illustration into focus
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