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October 31, 2004

Go, Look: Comics and Art On-Line

Recommended comics and comics-related art sites for Sunday, October 31:

Peter Bagge

The dean of American alternative comics humorists returns after another assignment for Reason into the America That Still Exists. This time Bagge reports from some of the more obscure foxholes of this year's ongoing political struggle. The look of it may surprise long-time fans: Bagge experiments with typesetting even he admits (scroll down) doesn't quite work. Otherwise, this is the usual bounty hunter beanbag fired into the broad gut of our shared culture: broad humor to be had at the expense of general stupidity and more delicate satire to be enjoyed about the limits of journalistic process.

imageTony Fitzpatrick

The Chicago-based painter and printmaker isn't a cartoonist, but his themed portraits can be read as comics to great effect. The Haitian-influenced artist and well-regarded poet explores single, broad themes -- the lifeblood of a street, one man's memories of a city, his kids' take on the alphabet -- through a progression of declarative moments so intense they can feel like someone has grabbed the sides of your head before speaking. Fitzpatrick's art is dense enough his work when read as a series feels like chords as compared to a typical cartoonist's run of single notes.

This 2004 series is new enough that much of the work remains available, and looks as lovely as ever.

Indy Magazine

Jeff Mason and Bill Kartalopoulos team up for another issue of their increasingly ambitious web magazine, with startling results. The comics and related art they include are as distinguished as any you'll find in a print publication this year.

"Op/Ed: The Comics Page" features work by Joe Sacco, Art Spiegelman and Willem. "Gallery: Jerry Moriarty" offers up paintings by the RAW veteran from an exhibit curated by Spiegelman. Most of the articles are lovingly decorated with art as well; definitely look around.
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