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November 14, 2004

Go, Look: Saul Steinberg

imageThe Saul Steinberg Foundation offers an exquisitely selected and tiny gallery of the great artist's work available on a single, easy on the eyes page. The late, Romanian-born cartoonist was a giant talent best known for his work in The New Yorker. His signature work was probably "A View of the World From Ninth Avenue," pictured left, one of those visual statements that has been borrowed and parodied about 18 billion times without costing the original its wry clarity.

A lot of people decline to see Steinberg's work as comics proper, and as I recall Steinberg himself saw what he did as illustrations rather than cartoons. Even the most definition-rigid comics fans alive would have to admit that Steinberg is a treasure trove for ways of drawing and thinking about drawing.

Mostly, I just really like looking at the stuff. It's hard to believe Steinberg's been gone almost five years.
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