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November 2, 2004

Go, Look: X-Mas Issue of Pilote

imageIf I'm reading this correctly, on November 10 Dargaud will publish a special issue of the seminal comics magazine Pilote for the 2004 holiday season, featuring this Juanjo Guarnido cover and promising readers appearances by many of the core hits from the magazine's long and esteemed run. A surprisingly long history of the magazine and its importance can be found via Lambiek.

Although entire civilizations could colonize the vast stretch of wasteland that is my knowledge of European comics without my ever once knowing it, this feature seems worth a look.

Speaking of Pilote, I either missed or ignored the 45th birthday of the Asterix series in August, although it wasn't like I was going to buy it a gift or anything. As those of you North American readers of a certain age may remember, the extremely popular series was also one of the first sets of European comics stories to be translated for American audiences and made widely available in bookstores. You can easily access some Asterix stuff through this site.
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