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March 24, 2010

Go, Read: Ace Backwords Helped

The cartoonist and street-level living advocate Ace Backwords is the subject of a San Francisco Chronicle profile, detailing how his friends have encouraged him to apply for some measure of aid to help with recent eyesight losses. The article paints a pretty clear picture of what's going on. Backwords has always been an intriguing talent, marrying some of the best expressive and even transgressive elements of the underground tradition with an alt-culture era nod towards community and relentless self-examination.

What's striking is that he's 53, which I think makes his plight of another, ongoing story, the potential tidal wave of cartoonists and comics folk who never worked in a kind of corporate set-up that was rewarding enough to gain a foothold of the kind that's useful when physical maladies set in, artists that spent that time working for publishers or for infrastructures that fade more quickly than most. It's something worth keeping in mind as a community and an industry.
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