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October 7, 2014

Go, Read: An Article On Maximizing One’s Sales Presence At Conventions; An Article On Cons In Flux

Before it got too far in the rearview mirror, I wanted to run a link to this article about maximizing one's sales presence at comics conventions. It's interesting to get into that mindset even if it's not a subject in which you're interested. I would also imagine there's some good advice if you want to make cons work for you in that way.

Where I always back away from advice articles is by first recognizing there are a number of strategies, and second that there is an even broader way of approaching that doesn't involve making sure you make the maximum amount of money at them. I think we get in a little bit of trouble assuming that people have the same goals, either in selling, or in that next-step-back broader sense where maximizing your commercial opportunities is a choice rather than a universal dictum. It's been that way for a while. I know there are people at all of the shows that try to hardsell me that tell me they're doing well and that this is the only way anyone could do well where I want to run away from them; I know other cartoonist who barely say a word. I also know a lot of cartoonists where con sales isn't a part of their professional lives. It's good to be exposed to multiple viewpoints on something like this.

You should read Chris Butcher's response to the same cultural moment as well. Butcher and I agree that there are a number of people that are at these shows now that are there professionally -- to be seen and to do business -- that don't participate in the general economy represented by the show. He includes social media titans, and I'm not sure I would -- it's an interesting argument, though. He's also upfront about the number of players rushing into this space as there's some profit to be made.
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