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June 6, 2016

Go, Read: Ann Telnaes Profiles Pat Oliphant


Ann Telnaes' profile of Pat Oliphant in this Spring's CJR is on-line now. Maybe it has been for a while, I'm not certain.

The profile focuses on Oliphant's 1960s gigantic fuck you to the Pulitzer board for the way it selected cartoons, one of the biggest middle-finger raising episodes every perpetrated by a cartoonist. That's always worth revisiting for its audacity. I agree with Telnaes that Oliphant is a great cartoonist, which rarely means a perfect one -- there other articles out there that dig into his moments of excess and some of the metaphors selected. I will always be a sucker for a cartoonist with that much passion and that much skill brought to each idea's execution, even though at times I won't agree with either.
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