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August 18, 2013

Go, Read: Another Top 50 Graphic Novel List


Here. It's not horrible. If your first 50 encounters with the art form were these 50 choices, you'd likely be vastly entertained and likely intrigued by comics' ability to make great works. It leans British, so insert whatever joke is appropriate to that at the end of this sentence. What that means for the list is that the there's a sameness to the "surprise" choices. The top selection -- not Krazy Kat, pictured above, which is a mere #39 -- is interesting, for a couple of reasons. One is that the visual to represent it is I believe a still from the very sharp-looking movie version: I don't know of any other graphic novel that has received a boost from its movie version in terms of judging its own, inherent visual quality. Another is that I don't know of any art form where basic comprehension gets used as a qualification for excellence in quite the same way. I like that book quite a bit, although it wouldn't make any sort of similar list I'd put together.
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