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March 28, 2016

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs On ComicsPro, DC’s Rebirth

Brian Hibbs is decidedly on for much of this article about his experiences at the recent ComicsPro retailing summit, in particular a Q&A session attended by Jim Lee and Dan Didio. My various hunches about what's going on with this particular relaunch match up with Hibbs' much more considered analysis for the most part, although I might assign different levels of importance to different elements of it than he might.

I think what we may be seeing overall is an audience that's simply too small to carry an industry with this many titles. It's a savvy audience that wants the best value and is thus susceptible to being told what to buy, in the various ways the industry can do that, but there's simply not enough of them to create an upper class and a middle class, let alone a sustainable lower-middle class of comics works. Everyone else is simply hanging on.
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