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March 10, 2011

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs On Recent Publishing Efforts

imageI was intrigued by this piece from the retailer and industry advocate Brian Hibbs. While I'm not sure "series that not only kick your ass, but then makes a fluffy pillow from the remains, snuggles you tight, then rekicks that ass" is an achievable goal for mainstream comics publishers serving a still very profitable periodicals market, there's something in the litany of oddball choices that Hibbs describes that makes you feel for his position and that of his fellow retailers. One could argue that the corporate investment that was made in both Marvel and DC some months ago now should, if nothing else, reduce the manic, ad hoc qualities of the way the lines are cobbled together, that the votes of confidence in the existing editorial teams (or their natural succession) that have come since 2009 should carry with them the expectation that publishing moves be routinely executed with solid, professional aplomb. In a time of seismic shifts in the way we consume, consistently hamstringing traditional strengths seems an odd strategy.
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