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March 25, 2011

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs On The Final Fate Of Comic Relief

The retailer and industry advocate Brian Hibbs writes about his friend Rory Root and Root's long-time national anchor comics store Comic Relief. Comic Relief closed a couple of years after its owner's death. Its back stock will live on in one store opening up in the same general Berkeley area; the final physical location of Comic Relief may or may not see the opening of a comics store operated by an ex-employee of the place.

I agree with Hibbs wholeheartedly that most single-proprietor retail locations like comic shops are run on the backs and personality quirks of those individuals, and that the first generation of comics shop owners are getting old enough that the dispensation of their funnybook empires is an issue of increasing importance. I would hope that an organization like ComicsPro would make estate planning a priority, and would suggest that every single person in comics that has ever created anything at all give the issue of what happens to it when you die some thought after tax season. It might be worth noting that in many cases there may not be an empire worth transferring, and that in a retailer's case something like a retirement-boosting stock sale to an enterprising young retailer with their own name and store conception in mind might be the avenue best pursued. The key, I think, is that thought is given; not that a certain outcome is pursued.
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