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January 1, 2015

Go, Read: Buzz Dixon’s List Of Funniest 2014 Dailies

imageIndustry veteran Buzz Dixon does a Best Of Year list focusing on funny newspaper strips; the 2014 version is up here. I don't know that I share Dixon's sense of humor to a significant degree, but I appreciate the specificity of his list.

Grand Prize: Heavenly Nostrils (October 12)
Second Place: Willy n Ethel (September 12) (link to search engine)
Third Place: Zits (December 17)
Runners Up: Strips from Retail, Dilbert, Cats With Hands.
Honorable Mention: Strips from Pooch Cafe, WUMO, One Big Happy, Dinette Set.

He notes that Heavenly Nostrils will change its name to Phoebe And Her Unicorn for a jump to print in 2015.

Go here for all of the individual choices.
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