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November 16, 2010

Go, Read: Chicago Tribune On Nicole Hollander And Her New Blog

imageMary Schmich has penned an article for the Chicago Tribune on Nicole Hollander and Sylvia. I had been aware that Sylvia was in danger of being dropped by the Tribune, but didn't notice when it happened. Like a lot of a cartoonists, Hollander has taken to the Internet to connect with readers in a way that acts as a substitute for the connection felt between a cartoonist and their hometown paper audience. The story's mostly interesting to me in an abstract way, in the notion that there isn't a place for a comic strip like Hollander's in a newspaper but there is one for her on-line, that on-line is where you go to build connections between a fan base and a cartoonist. It's also worth thinking about how a cartoonist can use 30 years of work by re-contextualizing it, which seems to me a more efficient re-employment than simply tossing all those comics up on a clumsy syndicate site. The new blog is here, by the way.
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