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September 30, 2007

Go, Read: Comics News Documents

* this press release from DC Comics announces the hiring of Steve Rotterdam as Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing. This not only locks into place DC's new sales and marketing front given a) their commitment a couple of years back to more sophisticated, modern marketing techniques, and b) a move to Random House as their book distributors, because the press release contains basic information about the company for publications with readers less enlightened as to what DC has going on, it can be seen as an opportunity for you to listen in on DC sitting in front of a mirror and describing its good qualities to a psychoanalyst.

* a couple of astute readers pointed out that a message board linked to from here where folks were engaging the matter of the Guilford Incident, whereby a teacher was potentially forced to resign after giving a high school student Eightball #22 as a make-up assignment, contains within it a document claiming to be the letter sent to parents about the incident (PDF: GHS_Letter_9_19_07.pdf). I'm going to save any characterizations of it to see if I can confirm its identity or not, but both letter-writers point toward subtly misleading language that while understandable from a school administrator's point of view are still worth noting.
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