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November 26, 2006

Go, Read: Dan Buckley Interview

The comics business news and analysis site has a long interview up with Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley, which is worth reading less for any contentious throw-down moments (there really aren't any) and more just to hear what one would guess is Marvel's basic perspective on various publishing and promotional issues.

The most appealing parts of the piece arise out of the fact that Buckley backs away from usual industry -- and Marvel -- hyperbole, or at least its most obvious rhetorical excesses, for more of an it is what it is, shrugged shoulder positivism: that efforts to put comics in big chain stores like 7-11, for example, aren't explosive but are worth doing, or the notion that the Dabel Brothers partnership will be fine with Marvel even if it doesn't bring in female readers but just brings in readers, period. This may be the first time in a Big Two interview a company's skill with superheroes is seen less as proof of superheroes as the One True Genre than as a hedge to explain that other areas of the business are less developed and will perform differently as a result.

Marvel's relative conservative nature in both senses of the meaning (censored nudity, incremental on-line policy) will likely rankle some, talk of "loading the product in" to coordinate with their movies won't gain Buckley a comics-as-art award anytime soon, and the publisher's explanation for delays in the Civil War crossover event may not satisfy a shop owner whose store experienced a dissipation in sales momentum, but Buckley's voice seems very much the voice of someone having a good year.
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