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August 7, 2016

Go, Read: Garry Trudeau On Donald Trump Book

imageHere. We're going to see a lot of Garry Trudeau in the next several weeks as the presidential campaign continues, although at least one of my politically-minded friends thinks that the life has already gone out of this contest. (My hunch is we're due one more twist.)

One thing that's interesting about Garry Trudeau being back in the spotlight for being so early on Donald Trump is that for a lot of Doonesbury purists, Trudeau's shift in the 1980s to a greater engagement with real-world political figures within the strip is a significant factor in how the strip developed over time. For me, any entry point into Trudeau's work is welcome as long as it has us paying attention to what is a strong, all-time achievement in comics that gets forgotten when we make those appraisals.
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