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February 28, 2012

Go, Read: Gary Tyrrell On The Percentage Of Recent Comics Kickstarter Projects That Prove Successful

Comics blogger of the year thus far Gary Tyrrell has a nice post up here that includes a breakdown of a couple of months of Kickstarter activity on behalf of comics-related projects. It's not exactly a sure thing, even from the bare-minimum standard of noting those projects that meet their stated fundraising goal (as to those that actually work in a way that has them function to the creators' benefit in the marketplace, which I would maintain can be a different thing). It's good for people to read that from someone like Tyrrell, too, because he clearly isn't trying to throw cold water on the idea of comics-related Kickstarter projects just for the sake of seeing other folks get wet.

The degree and extent to which Kickstarter proves to be a routine publishing option as opposed to an obviously viable option in certain cases, that's clearly going to be a fascinating story for the next several months. It exposes an intriguing truth about comics publishing in recent years: that the standard model of capital investment from a third party sometimes serves a specific, limited, and can-be-counted upon audience of fans of the exact same nature as the audience reached by a pre-release funding initiative. In other words, you can argue that in a lot of ways Kickstarter is simply a more efficient way of reaching a core audience, that actually raising money from that audience instead of counting on a shop or publisher ballparking what that support will be is just a smarter way of getting that audience its books. This brings with it a sobering possibility that the hope these works might pick up readers just by being displayed or making it into stores or being generally available may not be realistic, as one might hope.
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