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September 13, 2016

Go, Read: Heidi MacDonald’s Reminder On FIBD 2017


I don't know that I agree with every supposition, but it was smart of Heidi MacDonald to remind us that the Angouleme Festival took it right in the chops last year, primarily but not solely because of its terrible reaction to its director's boneheaded decision to basically declare that worthy candidates for grand prix winner that happened to be women had, combining past winners and then-current nominees, 85 or so men in front of them more worthy of the honor. It does look like that will be addressed because of the show's crucial role in presenting French-language comics to the world -- something they're desperate to see more of in a positive sense.

This also marks the time in the calendar year where a bunch of us do math and realize we can't afford to go to the January show.
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