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November 23, 2004

Go, Read: Interview with Gen Fukunaga

This is only for the industry wonks out there, or those (like me) scrambling to undertand manga. The second part of's interview with Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga yields an interesting insight or two into the role manga plays in terms of fostering talent and developing properties. An example:
"They have thousands of creative people generating manga. They just sit in their garage. You can be a fifteen-year-old kid in your garage and create a manga and submit it to Shogakukan, it gets printed because everybody thinks it's cool, and it gets national exposure. Just like that you can get national exposure. Since they can test thousands of these manga before they decide which ones are good, those thousands are published and put through that filtering system."

Good "store in the back of one's mind" material. If you feel you need to start with the first part of the interview and work your way forward, well, I certainly forgive you.
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