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March 23, 2017

Go, Read: Jeffrey Koterba Benefits By Engaging Critics

I thought this was an interesting public letter in regards to cartooning more generally in that it shows a positive outcome for editorial cartoonist Jeffrey Koterba in a case of reaching out to one of his critics on a specific cartoon.

Editorial cartooning is a difficult job recently made that much more problematic by the very curious political times in which we now live. It's worth noting that the cartoon in question is relatively benign (to my eyes, anyway), and has a sensible, non-partisan explanation behind its creation (true or not, this matters to the path of rhetoric). It's easy to get caught in endless whinging in any sort of political discussion, and there are elements of our political disagreements now with which there can be little softening, with any common ground imaginary, but I also think that our arguments are so depraved these days that a nod across the aisle might have an interesting effect, particularly for cartoonists within their home and regional markets. I think that can be done without looking like you're backing away from whatever statement you're making -- more "I'm listening to you but stand by my work" than "Hey, everyone has a different point of view" -- but certainly others disagree.
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