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April 23, 2012

Go, Read: Jessica Campbell Describes The L’Association Book

D+Q's Jessica Campbell participates in this week's reading feature at the blog Robot 6, and spends a big chunk of her time describing scenes from L'Association's dramatic crack-up as written about in Quoi!.
"At one point, Joann Sfar illustrates an argument/meeting between the group (its funeral, they call it) that ends with Menu, alone on the sidewalk, begging everyone to come with him for a last glass of wine, and they all refuse and then go for a drink together, without him. Then the scene is then repeated by other cartoonists three times! It’s impossible in this moment not to feel sorry for him, empathize with him."
I don't have any real commentary here; I just found Campbell's contributions entertaining. Plus I don't think I knew that book was out.
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