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November 22, 2017

Go, Read: Jim Shooter On Marvel’s Recent History And His Own Era

Chris Hassan seized the opportunity to interview a now-retirement age Jim Shooter at Rhode Island Comic Con this month. Shooter was once a precocious golden boy of American mainsream publisher in a way we would have talked to death had today's social media existed then, and was a longtime bogeyman for members of his own generation across the various comics industries.

imageShooter has a reputation of defending his own actions to a point that strains credulity for a lot of outside observers, but as this interview basically contrasts right now with what is generally agreed to be his successful initial management of Marvel's comic book ship as Editor-In-Chief, it seems less given over to head-scratching statements. The idea that you get the books on schedule and then you improve the books through financial inducement might sound old-fashioned, but there's also something Gordian Knot-like about such a strategy's appeal and thus it triggers nostalgia. I suspect it's a strategy that you can do when every title sells over 100K rather than a strategy that results in every title selling over 100K, but that's interesting to me, too. There were cultural realities that brought about that time, different but just as real to the long, fractured tail of today.

The interviewers gets a couple of favorite-by-content books out of Shooter, which I also found interesting, including the admission that they weren't going to do as well with a book in bookstores than a Simon And Schuster.
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