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August 24, 2016

Go, Read: JR Williams Talks To Peter Bagge


There's a lot of fun and idiosyncratic detail in this Peter Bagge interview with cartoonist JR Williams, in support of the Neat Stuff collection recently published by Fantagraphics. That's a mighty tome. Bagge is a significant figure in American comics and American comedy.

Some of the fun details include the two cartoonists in a shared apartment in Redmond, Washington, shouting out to each other during the workday. Also, Bagge seemed to collect a high number of death threats, and you can tell they amused him not at all.

Anyway, sign me up for a Peter Bagge appreciation movement. Tell me where to push. Comics and I think a lot of media would be very different if he had chosen to do something else, and I'm grateful for the breadth of his career as shown in Neat Stuff in particular.
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