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October 6, 2014

Go, Read: Lengthy Article On Reading Experience Changes For Newspapers Divorced From The Production

Here. It meanders terribly in the last 1/3, and uses a lot of old measures to make its points when it's convenient to do so, but the article by Jason Abbruzzese is worth it for the general ideas it puts front and center: that sometimes innovation comes in terms of bolstering an infrastructure to meet a still-developing reading experience, and that the end result of how that experience changes may be more radical than we imagine. I also like the idea of a unit within a company there to play with delivery and interface that isn't caught up in production. There's something counter-intuitive and yet very human about that that makes me think that it could be very useful.

I tend to agree with the general ideas floated, as descriptive if not prescriptive. What this means for comics, I don't know -- I think that there's a lot of things you can do with comics to meet the expectation in any number of projected reading experiences. I remain convinced that the comics syndicates were way more prepared than the newspapers themselves for this fundamental change in consumption; we'll see if that comes into play.
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