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January 22, 2015

Go, Read: Lengthy Article On The Finger Family Legacy

There's a lengthy article here about Athena Finger and her attempts to drive attention to her grandfather the late writer Bill Finger's contributions to the Batman concept. In case you're not up on that lovely chapter of comics history, Finger's contributions span about 90 percent of the ideas and storylines that most people think of when they think of that character. Finger died alone and penniless in part because of a culture that was unable on multiple levels to provide him with proper credit and recompense. His is a full chapter in the book of talented people who created things related to comics that saw less reward than many people think fair. Count me among them.

imageI like the piece for the photos and the specifics of the story, and some of the connections one might make: like the TV show and the movies providing opportunities for a reconsideration of events even as their gigantic profits put a dollar figure on the amount of injustice done a lot of these creators. Mostly, though, it evokes in reasonable yet depressing fashion an entire reality pushing against this family. It's heartbreaking how much joy there is to be had in basic recognition; there should be more. It's an ugly industry legacy, and I'm not sure we've turned the corner on history in a way where even those instances of credit and payment and human decency fail to carry with them the consequence of illuminating the dark parts yet to be placed into the light.

I know how sensitive I am about my family; it would be hard to sleep had they suffered something this public and seemingly unfair. Let's continue to present in matter-of-fact fashion Bill Finger's achievement, and hope for any reward that might come his way as a result.

study of Finger from Marc Nobleman's biography; Nobleman is a significant presence in the piece
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