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April 1, 2019

Go, Read: Leslie Sternbergh Alexander, RIP


I was sorry to hear about the passing of artist Leslie Sternbergh Alexander, a cartoonist that worked my memory is sparingly but to strong effect in a variety of tonal approaches -- MAD-style humor, even -- within the comics art form, and the sort of figure that seems a part of comics communities that are all but gone these days. My condolences to her friends and fans. Reading between the lines looks like there may have been some opportunity for the artist to say some farewells, and I hope that's the case.

Comics as a collective group of historians interested in its art has always done a poor job with woman creators, and with no generation more so than the women of the undergrounds and the fractured post-underground period. You can see in Alexander's work a level of accomplishment that would send us scurrying after a brand-new cartoonist of any gender, and much of the work exudes a welcome freshness in terms of making the medium work in new ways because not many of them have yet been popularized. I hope you'll take a moment in this one artist's story and some of her work, and know that there will always be those that flash through and others step away after only a little while longer. Once they're done, their legacies depend on individual acts of curiosity and grace notes borne of memory.

You can start here and work through what was out immediately upon her passing.
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