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April 20, 2012

Go, Read: Mark Waid On Launch Of His Digital Initiative

The site Comic Book Resources has a lengthy interview up with writer Mark Waid on the launch of his Thrillbent platform, to include on-line comics accessible through a variety of platforms. I lack the context to vigorously appraise the substance of these announcements. My guess is that we're in enough of a Wild West period still with on-line material that there's no reason to privilege projects results and possibilities over whatever actually happens. In other words, we'll start to know what works (or at least Waid will have an idea) soon enough, and that's more important than the potential these projects may or may not have.

That doesn't mean I'm all about the numbers here. As I've stated before, I suspect that Waid's strong move into these kinds of comics has definite symbolic significance, particularly for those with an orientation to the mainstream, genre-driven comics where Waid has made a name for himself. Waid's desire to do comics for this audience and his ability to put together something with his own creations in a way that sites like this one and CBR are covering "Mark Waid's digital efforts" rather than a company or a character or an initiative, I think this could prove to be important for other creators wishing to do the same and for fans of print comics that orient themselves around the works of creators like Waid. We'll see, potentially very soon.
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