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May 4, 2017

Go, Read: Mike Mantlo On How Rocket Raccoon Transformed Bill Mantlo’s Medical Care

imageBased on the information I have this seems to me an undeniably good thing, and I'm happy for the Mantlo family to receive that specific relief due Bill Mantlo for his co-creation of Rocket Raccoon. They still need help, and that information is available in the article as well.

What I hope for whenever these kinds of things happen is that somehow all of this money will cause spontaneous generosity all over the industry along such lines, that maximizing the reward legally due one entity could be a spur for reward across the board -- or at least form an ethos where that's a goal. My drunk high school buddies tip card dealers in Vegas with more confidence that this is money well spent and a just thing. A lot of companies are working with people that aren't merely providing cards in a certain order but creating the form, content and shape of the game itself and all of its component parts. There's a better way, and this is a glimpse of it.
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